Meet Dr. Dona Halloum

Get to Know Dr. Dona Halloum

Dr. Dona Halloum, originally from Latakia, Syria, is a determined and passionate dentist currently based in the United States. After immigrating to the U.S. in 2013, Dr. Halloum embarked on a journey towards fulfilling a dream of becoming a dentist. Dr. Halloum first earned a degree in biology and later pursued a dental education from UT Health San Antonio.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the field, Dr. Halloum chose dentistry due to its problem-solving nature and finds joy in the fact that in dentistry, there is always a solution to every problem and that everything is replaceable. This mindset allows Dr. Halloum to tailor an approach to suit each patient’s unique needs, providing them with the best possible care.

Beyond their professional life, Dr. Halloum finds solace in attending concerts and music shows, immersing in the power of live performances. Additionally, she is currently working towards obtaining a certification in skydiving, demonstrating an adventurous spirit and willingness to take on new challenges.

With a strong commitment to patients’ well-being and a zest for life outside of the office, Dr. Halloum continues to make a positive impact in the dental field while pursuing personal interests and hobbies.